Suddenly, more tech workers want to get poached by Oracle

Larry ellisonJustin Sullivan / Getty ImagesOracle CEO Larry Ellison and the America’s Cup trophy

About eight months ago, an app called Poachable launched with the goal of helping you get hired away by your dream employer.

The basic idea is that you can send a secret message to your dream employer through Poachable that says, even if you’re happy where you are, you’d like to work for that company. Poachable counts recruiters at eBay, Netflix, Facebook and Comcast among its customers.

Poachable landed about 25,000 users in its first six months and with that has been doing a monthly ranking of the companies people most want to go work for.

The Top 10 has been pretty consistent, albeit weighted a bit toward the big employers in the Seattle region — that’s because this startup is based in Seattle and was founded by a group of ex-Google, Microsoft, and Amazon employees.

However, this month there was some surprising action in the rest of the list, with Oracle suddenly zooming five spots this month to go from No. 23 to No. 18.

Poachable execs attribute this to Oracle’s booming cloud business. Its near record-high stock probably doesn’t hurt, either.

Another cloud tech company, Dropbox, is also way up: Four spots.

We’ll point out that Oracle’s big rival, Salesforce, is still higher on the list — meaning more people still want to work there. And Salesforce is up a notch too, probably because it’s killing it in growth and revenue these days, and its stock is trading near-record highs, too.

Rival IBM is also higher on the list than Oracle and up a notch. Its stock isn’t fairing so well, and there have been ongoing rumblings about layoffs. But it’s also hiring workers like crazy in hot tech areas and has been playing up its unique, cool technology, like Watson, its cloud service that’s almost as smart as a human.

Here’s the full list:

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