8 Unusual Gizmos That'll Keep You Cool This Summer


This time of year, you’ll often overhear someone complaining about the heat.

Many people opt for central air conditioning or the simple window AC unit, but where’s the fun in that?

From beds with built-in liquid cooling, to office chairs that can keep your backside chilly, there’s a surprising amount of technology that exists for one sole purpose: to keep you cool in the heat.

And while it may be more economical to choose a more traditional way to lower your body’s temperature, it can be fun to check out all of the innovative alternatives.

For those on a tight budget, we threw in a couple of low-tech, inexpensive options too.

ChiliBed Mattress: If you've got the budget, the ChiliBed offers the most luxurious way to sleep in your own chilly environment, with a mattress surface that can cool to 60°F. You can control the temperature with a wireless remote, and it might seem slightly less expensive when you realise you can heat it up during the winter months.

Tempronics Office Chair: Work in an office with no AC? Sweaty by the time you get to work? Tempronics has your back (literally), with an office chair that can be cooled in the summer, heated in the winter. Availability is limited to a few brick and mortar stores however, and a hefty price tag will keep all but the most sweaty office workers from buying.

Coolware Personal Cooling System: You might recall seeing these in Sharper Image stores a few years ago. These little devices keep your neck cool so you can keep your head in the heat. It's a discontinued product, but you can still find them on eBay or through other online retailers.

Price: $29.95*

*seems to be sold out, eBay might be your best shot.

Brookstone Bed Fan with Wireless Remote: Sometimes stagnant air can make a room feel 10 times hotter. Bed fans are an affordable option that gets under your sheets to keep the air moving. This Brookstone model even comes with a wireless remote for your nightstand.

ChiliPad Mattress Pad: If you can't spring for the ChiliBed, the company's liquid-cooled mattress pad might be a more affordable option. With the same tech that's in the mattress, you can cool your bed with the ease of a remote. If you're sleeping with a partner, pick up a model with the split, independent ChiliPads, so you can keep your side how you like it.

Holywell Portable Air Conditioner: For apartment buildings that don't allow window units, portable air conditioners can be a life saver. They can sit inside your room, with a hose leading to an open window.

Daydream Basic Sleep Mask with Cool Pack: For those that already use sleep masks, this seems like a no brainer. For everyone else, keeping your eyes and forehead chilled while drifting off to sleep might prove invaluable.

You've seen some products that can keep the wind blowing, but how about some products that are mind-blowing?

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