10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning!

Happy (almost) New Year!

Here’s what you need to know as 2013 comes to an official end and 2014 begins:

1. The NSA has complete backdoor access to iPhones.

2. Going out tonight? Check this out before you try to Uber to your party.

3. NSA can hijack your wifi from up to 8 miles away.

4. Netflix is testing a cheaper streaming plan for its new subscribers.

5. Wired’s Mat Honan spent a year using Google Glass and wrote about it.

6. Zappos is going holacratic: no job titles and no hierarchy.

7. Brainlike computers are learning from experience.

8. These were the most innovative gadgets of 2013.

9. The Information, Jessica Lessin’s new subscription based tech newsletter, released a controversial interview with Y-Combinator founder Paul Graham from behind its pay wall last week. Now everyone can read it.

10. Twitter’s slide continues in the stock market.

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