Does The Tech Stock Decline Mean The Boom Has Come To An End?

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BubblesREUTERS/Shamil ZhumatovPlaying a game in a bubble.

Here’s what’s happening in the next seven days in tech:

Is it a bubble? On Friday, economists will be searching the jobs report for clues as to whether the tech boom is continuing or ending. The Nasdaq fell 3 per cent last week. Candy Crush Saga maker King saw its IPO fall 20 per cent last week, and Facebook fell 11 per cent. Twitter, Pandora, Yelp, BlackBerry, and Netflix were all down last week. The economy is expected to create about 200,000 new jobs.

Biotech sector has everyone worried. Will it continue its slide this week? Reuters says: “The Nasdaq biotechnology index NBI fell 7 per cent for the week. With just one trading day left in March, the Nasdaq biotech index was down about 13 per cent for the month at Friday’s close.”

Uber will now begin battling headlines about the way male drivers can find female passengers’ identities through their billing process.

Micron reports earnings on April 3.

Apple and Samsung: Today (Monday), jury selection begins in a San Jose federal court in the Apple v. Samsung patent case. Apple accuses Samsung of infringing on five patents. Samsung says Apple stole two of its ideas to use on iPhones and iPads. The key claim: Apple is demanding Samsung pay $US40 for each device running software allegedly developed by Apple.

Mt.Gox: A court-appointed representative is going through the Mt.Gox Bitcoin collapse. The bankruptcy administrator will not be done until at least May.

Bitcoin and IRS: If you have made a lot of money trading Bitcoin, then the April 15 tax deadline is going to be very difficult for you due to the new IRS ruling on how Bitcoins are taxed.

Microsoft‘s BUILD conference runs April 2 – 4.

The DEMO enterprise tech conference runs April 3 in San Francisco.

Facebook is hiring a PMD market development lead in Mexico.

@WalmartLabs is hiring a manager of customer analytics.

Pinterest is hiring a product designer.

Google is hiring an advanced development hardware engineer for special projects.

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