Tech Stars Welcome Obama With $50,000 Gifts


Presidential inaugurations are expensive affairs, and the rich and powerful are always willing to help out with the bill.

Obama raked in $50,000 apiece (the legal maximum) from Hollywood fixtures like director Steven Spielberg and actress Sharon Stone, but the tech community isn’t missing out on the opportunity to get early on the incoming administration’s good side.

A who’s who of tech donors to Barack Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Committee:

Time Warner (TWX):

Joanna Shields, President of, $25,000

Google (GOOG):

Dick Costolo, former CEO of Feedburner, $25,000
Chad Hurley, former CEO of Youtube, $25,000
Marissa Mayer, VP of Search, $25,000
David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer, $25,000
Eric Schmidt, CEO, $25,000
Larry Page, co-founder, $25,000

Hewlett-Packard (HPQ):

Joe Beyers, VP of Intellectual Property Licensing, $10,000

Microsoft (MSFT):

Bill Gates, co-founder, $50,000
Melinda Gates, Bill’s wife, $50,000
Steve Ballmer, CEO, $50,000
Connie Ballmer, Steve’s wife, $50,000
Steven VanRoekel, Windows Server Solutions honcho, $50,000
Brad Smith, General Counsel, $25,000
Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer, $25,000

Oracle (ORCL):

Charles Phillips, President, $50,000

Qualcomm (QCOM):

Irwin Jacobs, co-founder and chairman, $25,000

Sony (SNE):

Lisa Ellis, President of Sony Records, $50,000

Yahoo (YHOO):

Laura Covington, Associate General Counsel, $10,000

Realnetworks (RNWK):

Robert Glaser, CEO, $50,000

Other Notable:

Mitch Kapor, Lotus co-fouder, $50,000
George Soros & family, $250,000 combined

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