Here's what 21 tech stars have on their home screens

You can tell a lot about someone by looking at what apps they have on their homescreen — and, sometimes, how many notifications each of those apps have.

So, we asked a grab-bag of entrepreneurs, execs, and VCs for a peek at what apps ended up on that covetted first page.

Check it out:

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella

Homescreen higlights: Nadella loves cricket, so it makes sense that he'd have ESPN's Cricinfo featured prominently.

Worth noting that when you're using a Windows phone, you don't swipe left-n-right through pages in the same way as you would on Android or iOS: You scroll down through as many tiles as you have. So technically Nadella doesn't have the same kind of 'front page' as others.

Dennis Crowley, Foursquare founder and CEO

Dennis Crowley

Homescreen highlight: Crowley tells Business Insider that lately he's been obsessed with the digital art frame startup Electric Objects (the 'EO' app on his homescreen), which lets users change their artwork every few days.

You can even see what pieces he's displayed lately here.

(Crowley also invested in the company.)

Amit Singhal, senior VP of search at Google

Amit Singhal

Homescreen highlight: Singhal is all about brain-games, like Lumosity and Elevate, and, naturally, Google products. Voice Search, which Singhal has on his homescreen, is one of the company's big projects right now.

Payal Kadakia, ClassPass CEO

Payal Kadakia

Homescreen highlights: We're really impressed by how close to 'Inbox Zero' Kadakia is on her Gmail app.

Marc Lore, founder and CEO

Marc Lore

Homescreen highlight: Lore believes in complete transparency, and lets the company's investors access its real-time, detailed financial information through the app called '
JetStream' on his homescreen. The startup has raised $570 million total.

Bryan Goldberg, Bustle CEO

Bryan Goldberg

Homescreen highlight: When we expressed horror at Goldberg's bonkers number of notifications he admitted that he doesn't jive with some methods of communication: 'Don't try to text me, it won't work!'

Jennifer Hyman, Rent the Runway cofounder and CEO

Jennifer Hyman

Homescreen highlight: Hyman must love all things related to on-demand beauty because she uses Glamsquad, which gives users access to blowouts whenever and where they want, and PS Dept, which connects people with personal shoppers.

Read Business Insider's review of Rent the Runway's new unlimited subscription service

Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt founder and CEO.

Ryan Hoover

Home screen highlight: 'Jukely recently made it to my homescreen and one of the few subscriptions services I pay for and love,' Hoover tells Business Insider.

Jukely gives members access to a giant guest list of concerts, parties, and DJs every month

Amanda Bradford, founder and CEO of The League, a dating app targeted towards 'smart, busy, and ambitious' singles, that currently has an enormous waiting list.

Amanda Bradford

Homescreen highlight: 'I'm currently obsessed with Sunrise,' Bradford tells Business Insider. She says that the calendar app's interface makes it really easy for her to keep track of events across both her personal and work email accounts, as well as her Facebook.

Steven Sinofsky, board partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and former Microsoft exec

Steven Sinofsky

Homescreen highlights: 'By far, I spend the most time bouncing between Twitter and Slack,' Sinofsky tells Business Insider. 'Twitter is the outside world and Slack is our inside world and view of the outside. If I had to pick #3, it would be Techmeme. But close behind is the Yoga schedule on the Mindbody Connect app. Product Hunt's new app is racing up there as of today though!'

Sebastian Thrun, founder and CEO of education startup Udacity. Previously, he founded Google X, the company's 'moonshot lab'

Sebastian Thrun

Homescreen highlights: Thrun's homescreen is pretty barren -- besides the basics, he only has 'Kudacious,' which was created by Udacity's students in a week to demonstrate a new way to implement peer bonuses via app.

The company tells us that the rest of his apps are on 5 separate pages sorted by colour: green, blue, red/orange, white, black/multi-coloured.

Hiroshi 'Mickey' Mikitani, founder and CEO of enormous Japanese ecommerce company Rakuten

Mickey Hiroshi

Homescreen highlight: Besides a bunch of Japanese apps, Mikitani has Lyft and Ebates, companies that Rakuten has invested in and acquired, respectively.

Jaymn Edis, cofounder and CEO of Dash

Jamyn Edis

Who: Jaymn Edis, cofounder and CEO of Dash, a startup which helps users track their car and driving diagnostics, including how often they speed or hard-break

Homescreen highlights: Edis tells Business Insider that he designates the bottom row, which includes educational game Fish School and the gorgeous puzzle app Monument Valley, for his kids

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google's senior VP of ads and commerce

Sridhar Ramaswamy

Homescreen highlight: Ramaswamy's taking advantage of the ability to display a calendar widget on your homescreen (one of the great benefits of using Android over iOS). Unsurprisingly, he also has the Wallet and Google Express apps, which fall under his domain at Google

David Krane, managing partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures), the investment arm of Google parent-company Alphabet.

David Krane

Krane has invested in a wide range of companies including Uber, Nest, Blue Bottle Cofee, and DJZ, which makes the music-mixing app Crossfader

Homescreen highlight: Krane uses iTeleport, an app that lets users control their laptop or desktop computer from their phone

Justin McLeod, CEO of dating app Hinge

Justin McLeod

Who: Homescreen highlights: Besides clearly trying to eliminate the need to memorise a zillion passwords -- he uses the password management app LastPass -- McLeod seems to have gotten into meditation through Headspace.

Gokul Rajaram, who leads Caviar, the food delivery arm of recently public company Square.

Gokul Rajaram

Previously, Rajaram worked at Facebook and Google, where he earned the nickname 'the Godfather of Adsense'

Homescreen highlights: Naturally, Rajaram tells Business Insider that Caviar is his daily 'obsessive use' app, but he says that Slack is another favourite.

'Over the past three months, it's where I have more and more conversations with colleagues,' he says, 'Which cuts down on email, which, as you can see, I need to do!'

David Hayes, head of creative strategy at Yahoo-owned Tumblr

David Hayes

Homescreen highlights: We love how Hayes uses emoji to name his various app folders. He also has a bunch of unique apps, like Faded, for editing photos, Day One, for journaling, and Freelectics, a workout app

Learn more about the in-house creative agency that Hayes heads up here

Mike Ghaffary, CEO of Eat24, the food ordering service that Yelp bought earlier this year for $134 million

Mike Ghaffary

Homescreen highlights: Ghaffary says he moves a lot of the default Apple apps to a folder on the second screen, likes to keep his most critical apps -- like all things work-related and basics like Maps -- near the top

'I am an information junkie so Twitter and Pocket go hand in hand on the next row, along with Audible to listen to books (at 3x speed), and Strava which I use to track exercise daily,' he says.

He also raved about Remember the Milk, for tasks, and Outlook for his email, which he calls 'the best mail client.'

Kuan Huang, founder of betaworks' company Poncho, a startup that texts you sassy weather updates every morning based on your location

Kuan Huang

Homescreen highlights: Huang tells Business Insider that he's obsessed with his Amazon Echo, hence the 'Alexa' app, and recommends EyeEm over Instagram, because the photos look better. He also uses the Poncho iOS app, which the company plans to release early next year

Jed Nachman, Yelp senior VP of sales

Jed Nachman

Homescreen highlights: Nachman is clearly big on folders and organisation. He uses TeamSnap for group management and Luxe as a valet service

Bonus: Here's my homescreen :)

Jillian D'Onfro

I'm especially obsessed with Google Keep and Skitch, and Tumblr is my favourite social network because the people on it are totally different for me.

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