26 MORE tech skills worth a $100,000+ salary

When you have the right tech skills, you can command a great salary.

But the hot tech one year is not the next.

Job site Dice.com recently published its 2015 Salary Survey, which named the highest-paying tech skills right now.

And many skills pay more than $US110,000, as we recently reported. But there are plenty more skills that can net you a six-figure salary.

Of course, skills alone won’t always lead to a high salary. Work experience counts, too.

Fibre Channel is worth $104,438

Fibre Channel is a technology that connects computer storage devices together.

Pay for Fibre-Channel-related jobs has climbed nearly 6% over last year, Dice says. It has nearly 1,600 job listings for it.

Scrum is worth $105,189

A Scrum framework

Scrum is a method for managing complex projects.

It was created for software development projects, but the folks at Scrum Alliance say that people are now using the method to manage any big project.

Pay for Scrum-related jobs has climbed 2% over last year, Dice says. It has nearly 4,500 job listings for it.

Ruby is worth $105,714

Ruby is a modern and very popular web programming language.

It's claim to fame is simplicity, making it easier to learn than other languages, yet it is still powerful.

Pay for Ruby-related jobs has climbed 13% over last year, Dice says. It has over 2,900 job listings for it.

Django is worth $106,005

Django is a free and open source project that makes it easier for web developers to create complex web sites and web apps.

Pay for Django-related jobs has climbed 22% over last year, Dice says. It has over 440 job listings for it.

Groovy is worth $107,160

Groovy is programming language that builds on the strengths of Java but has additional features inspired by other popular languages like Python and Ruby.

Groovy makes it easier for Java developers to write apps using these updated programming techniques.

Pay for Groovy-related jobs has climbed almost 13% over last year, Dice says. It has over 430 job listings for it.

Perl is worth $107,807

Perl camel mascot

Perl is a hugely popular programming language used to create web applications.

Its claim to fame is that it is fairly easy to learn, yet powerful once you master it.

Pay for Perl-related jobs has climbed 7% over last year, Dice says. It has over 4,130 job listings for it.

Waterfall is worth $107,937

The Waterfall model is a project management method for designing software. It views the design process as if it were flowing steadily through several steps, like a waterfall.

This is a classic (otherwise known as very old) method for designing software but it is still heavily used today.

Pay for Waterfall-related jobs has climbed nearly 5% over last year, Dice says. It has over 1,300 job listings for it.

3Par is worth $107,967

3Par is HP's brand of enterprise compter storage systems. (HP bought 3Par in 2010 for about $US2.4 billion.)

3Par gives HP game in a number of trendy storage markets including flash and 'converged' storage, where one storage unit includes multiple storage technologies that handle different types of data.

Pay for 3Par-related jobs has climbed about 1% over last year, Dice says. It has over 70 job listings for it.

XSLT is worth $108,038

XSLT, short for eXtensible Stylesheet Language, is a web programming language that has grown more necessary as more companies build apps for the web.

It is part of a system of technologies that 'webify' documents.

Dice has over 1000 job listings that reference it.

Websphere is worth $108,066

WebSphere is software made by IBM that hosts websites and web applications.

While the trend these days is to hire cloud computing services to host their websites and apps, traditionally, companies did that thing on their own. That means that there a lot of web servers out there.

Pay for Websphere-related jobs has climbed nearly 11% over last year, Dice says. It has over 2,280 job listings for it.

Splunk is worth $108,069

Splunk is a company that makes software in the hot area of big data/analytics.

It's claim to fame is collecting all the data that a company's technology cranks out, like log reports from servers and other hardware, equipment, databases and other software, including the big-data system known as Hadoop.

It helps companies analyse data to improve their technology and find business insights.

Dice has over 550 listings for Splunk-related jobs.

AIX is worth $108,267

AIX is IBM's version of the decades-old Unix operating system.

It works on IBM's fast and powerful Power Systems servers. While many companies have moved away from Unix to Linux (which is also an option on IBM servers), a lot of companies still run their big databases and mission critical apps on AIX.

Pay for AIX-related jobs has climbed about 8% over last year, Dice says. It has over 1,000 job listings for it.

VxWorks is worth $108,548

VxWorks is an embedded operating system from a company called Wind River that powers all kinds of devices and has surged in popularity thanks to the huge trend called 'Internet of Things.'

VxWorks is used in industrial equipment and consumer devices and already powers 'billions of devices,' Wind River says.

Pay for VxWorks-related jobs has climbed over 16% over last year, Dice says. It has over 6,400 job listings for it.

MicroStrategy is worth $109,069

MicroStrategy is a company that makes enterprise-grade analytics software, a category of software that used to be called 'business intelligence' but now is also sometimes called 'big data.'

All things big data are now in vogue and there's good demand for people who can write enterprise apps built on various MicroStrategy products.

Dice has nearly 500 MicroStrategy-related job listings.

Objective C is worth $109,252

Objective C is a popular programming language.

It's worth a high salary because it's the language of choice for writing apps for Apple devices, both OS X (Macs) and iOS (iPhone and iPads).

Although Apple recently introduced a new language, Swift, there are still a LOT of apps written in Objective-C that need to be maintained. And Swift is still in its infancy.

Pay for Objective-C-related jobs has climbed over 6% over last year, Dice says. It has over 6,700 job listings for it.

jBoss is worth $109,900

jBoss is a popular product from Red Hat that hosts web applications. This is a category of software known as 'middleware.'

Companies have been writing web apps for decades and that's not changing anytime soon, so middleware skills like jBoss will be necessary for a long time.

Pay for jBoss-related jobs has climbed 8% over last year, Dice says. It has 1,570 job listings for it.

Jenkins is worth $110,365

Jenkins is a hugely popular open source project that helps programmers and IT professionals automatically and continuously build and test software projects.

It has soared to popularity thanks to the huge 'DevOps' trend, where corporate IT departments work faster, continuously rolling out new tech.

Pay for Jenkins-related jobs has climbed nearly 6% over last year, Dice says. It has over 1,530 job listings for it.

Redis is worth $110,388

Instagram app

Redis is a special kind of database for developers that goes by a couple of names: it's called a data structure server, or a key-value cache and store.

It handles situations where an app needs to map one bit of data to another. For instance Instagram uses it to power its main feed, mapping the photos on display to each photo's unique identifying number.

Dice has nearly 400 Redis-related job listings.

Hibernate is worth $111,975

Hibernate is a tool used by Java developers that allows their programs to tap into a traditional database.

Java is a hugely popular development language, particularly for web apps. Many skills associated with Java are in demand.

Dice says it has over 2,00 job listings for Hibernate-related jobs.

Weblogic is worth $112,698

Weblogic is a technology owned by Oracle for running apps written in the the very popular Java language (also owned by Oracle).

Weblogic is also known as 'middleware.'

Pay for Weblogic-related jobs has climbed 11% over last year, Dice says. It has over 1,660 job listings for it.

ETL is worth $112,834

ETL is the process of taking data from original sources and putting them into the right format to be used with various types of databases.

This is yet another 'big data' skill that's become hot.

Pay for ETL-related jobs has climbed nearly 9% over last year, Dice says. It has over 3,800 job listings for it.

Jetty is worth $113,007

Jetty is a way to host web sites and web apps (in geek speak: a servlet and http server).

It's particularly good for cloud apps that might need to support thousands of users all accessing the app at the same instant.

Google helped Jetty get popular when it used it for its App Engine cloud computing service.

Pay for Jetty-related jobs has climbed 5% over last year, Dice says. It has over 100 job listings for it.

JSP is worth $113,207

Java logo

JSP stands for JavaServer Pages and it is also a skill used by Java programmers.

JSP is used to create Web sites and Web apps, similar to another popular Web programming language, PHP.

Java is a super popular language for writing apps, so a lot of skills associated with it pay well.

Pay for JSP-related jobs has climbed over 14% over last year, Dice says. It has over 1,900 job listings for it.

PeopleCode is worth $113,690

Dave Duffield co-founded PeopleSoft and then founded WorkDay.

PeopleSoft is a human resources application that was acquired by Oracle in 2005 in one of the most bitter hostile takeovers in software history.

PeopleCode is a programming language used to write custom apps for PeopleSoft.

The founders of PeopleSoft turned around and founded a cloud competitor, Workday, and Oracle has got a new HR cloud product, too. But many huge companies still rely on PeopleSoft and fewer IT pros know how to run it.

So pay for for PeopleCode-related jobs has climbed nearly 24% over last year, Dice says. It has nearly 190 job listings for it.

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