Holy Cow, There Sure Are A Lot Of Tech Parties In Silicon Valley Right Now

Path party lightsParty down.

Photo: Jacob Mullins

There’s a bubble in parties. The Party-O-Meter is pegged at 11.Personally, we’re exhausted from all the mobile-themed events held in conjunction with Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference this week.

And they’re still going on.

Off the top of our head, tonight there’s Path’s big recruiting event at the Great American Music Hall (the place to find mobile developers and UI experts); the OutCast Agency’s summer party (lots of hacks, lots of flacks); and photo-sharing app Hipstamatic’s shindig at its SoMa office, with a DJ set by the Limousines (to be attended by people who secretly wish they were at an Instagram party).

Oh, and don’t forget Yammer CEO David Sacks’s “Let him eat cake” 40th birthday party in LA this weekend.

If you have to pick which party you’re going to (or crashing), that’s a pretty good indicator of the tech sector’s level of ebullient confidence. The fallout from the Facebook IPO hasn’t slowed anything down.

It’s still hard to find office space. It’s still hard to hire engineers and designers. Everyone’s on the make and the move.

So is this the peak of some kind of tech boomlet? We’ve seen so many up-and-down cycles in the Valley, we’re reluctant to say.

We just know we’re getting exhausted writing thanks-but-no-thanks notes.

Now go see what mobile social app Path’s last party looked like >

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