Tech Lobbying Loser/Winner Of The Week Is...RapidShare?

1/2/11 – This week’s winner and loser in tech advocacy both revolve around the same issue and offer an intriguing insight into lobbying both on and off the legislative playing field.

Tech Lobbying Winner of The Week:

RapidShare – Which hired a major lobbying firm just in time to help them combat efforts by the music and movie industry (RIAA and MPAA respectively) to create legislation which would force service providers to end services to file sharing sites which infringe on copyright. RapidShare, which isn’t based in America, is wise to beef up its lobbying voice in advance of the next Congress.


Tech Lobbying Loser of the Week

RapidShare/Megaupload – RIAA has managed to stay one step ahead of the file sharing giants by forcing the argument out of Congress and directly to where it hurts by having MasterCard increase threats to withhold service to RapidShare and Megaupload. It’s impressive that despite any actual legislation, those opposed to sites like RapidShare and Megaupload are working with government relations departments in other companies to stop their competitors regardless of a signed bill. RapidShare and Megaupload are in trouble even if MasterCard doesn’t withhold service because it doesn’t bode well for them that the lobbying teams of the music, movie and now credit card industry are now coalescing against them.  

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