Tech innovation helps Domino's land record profit, up 51%

Shifting focus to tech innovation has seen pizza chain Domino’s post a record net profit of $64 million, up 51% compared to the same period last year.

In July the company launched its Live Pizza Tracker online, including apps on both Android and iOS watches to take advantage of the growth of the wearables market. The GPS tracker means customers can track their order from the store to their door.

“We have only just fired up the ovens on what is possible with GPS Driver Tracker,” Domino’s CEO Don Meij said. “The move will see us compete in a new market, taking share from the convenient fast food drive-thru outlets.”

It also rolled out four-click ordering and payment tokenisation in Australia, while over the ditch in New Zealand it takes five clicks to order a pizza.

Meij says digital innovation is one of the biggest opportunities he sees, adding it is imperative for sales growth.

“In ANZ we have in excess of 40 exciting digital projects in the pipeline for FY16. This includes many that will make the ordering process even faster and easier for our customers with a 15 and 20 minute delivery guarantee and fast favourites which allows customers to order in fewer clicks,” he said.

Some stores now deliver pizzas on electric pushbikes which has brought down delivery costs.

“These revolutionary projects will also assist us in reaching our record store growth in ANZ in FY16,” Meij said.

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