Despite all the perks tech companies offer their people, there’s one crucial area they fall short

Man tech working typing computer office
This is especially concerning, given recent scandals in the industry. wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

Tech companies are famous for their stellar perks.

But, according to a recent study from ratings platform ViewsHub, they’re lacking something far more important than foosball tables, bean bag chairs, or having rosé on tap.

A poll of 50,000 employees from 11 industries found that tech firms have some of the worst-ranked human resources departments.

Each survey participant was asked to rank the effectiveness of their firm’s HR department, based on the department’s ability to get things done, responsiveness to other teams, and general professional prowess.

The participants then gave their department a score in each category out of five, which would indicate the most effective HR department.

The two industries with the best-ranked HR departments were travel and food, which received average scores of 4.2 and 3.7, respectively.

Technology came in dead last, with a score of 2.66. It trailed behind professional services, which got a score of 3.1.

This is bad news, given the problems that tech firms have seen lately with the rise of “bro culture,” along with the recent harassment scandals at companies like Uber.

“HR departments might say they feel sidelined by tech firms,” CEO of ViewsHub Ab Banerjee said in a statement. “But they also have to take responsibility for this data, and act accordingly.”