Tech Billionaires: Richer Than You, Richer Than Last Year

That weakening economy we keep hearing about? It doesn’t affect everyone equally. Billionaires who made their fortune in technology, for instance, seem to be doing just fine, according to this year’s Forbes list.

Microsoft (MSFT) founder Bill Gates, for instance, is no longer the world’s richest man (he fell to third behind Warren Buffett and Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu). But his net worth still increased by a couple of billion. All of the Google (GOOG)  guys are better off than they were a year ago. And Amazon (AMZN) founder/CEO Jeff Bezos almost doubled his net worth.

The biggest loser? Oddly, it’s Steve Jobs, whose net worth dropped more than 5%, despite Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone-fuelled stock jump.



2008 Rank Net Worth
Net Worth
Bill Gates Microsoft (MSFT) 3 $56 + 3.6% Larry Ellison Oracle (ORCL) 14 $25 + 16.3% Sergey Brin Google (GOOG) 32 $18.7 + 12.7% Larry Page Google 33 $18.6 + 12.0% Michael Dell Dell (DELL) 40 $16.4 + 3.8% Steve Ballmer Microsoft 43 $15 0% Jeff Bezos Amazon (AMZN) 110 $8.2 + 86.4% Eric Schmidt Google 142 $6.6 + 6.5% Steve Jobs Apple (AAPL) 189 $5.4 – 5.3% David Filo Yahoo! (YHOO) 462 $2.5 0% Jerry Yang Yahoo! 524 $2.3 + 4.5% Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 785 $1.5 n/a Marc Benioff Salesforce (CRM) 962 $1.2 + 20% 

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