Here's The Nightmare Scenario For Mark Sanchez And The Jets

Mark Sanchez

Photo: Wikimedia

This is what it will take for the Tim Tebow trade to blow up in the faces of Rex Ryan and the New York Jets:Mark Sanchez plays like he did last year in Week One. Tim Tebow has a handful of bright moments in the wildcat.

That’s it.

The Jets’ plan, before this trade, was to allow Sanchez to develop into the franchise QB that the team desperately needs. They preached patience, and refused to bow to public pressure by replacing their QB before they knew for sure that he wasn’t going to be any good.

They even gave him a contract extension as a symbol of their commitment.

The Tebow trade undermines this plan. It forces Sanchez into a do-or-die situation — play well, or the entire world is going to clamor for Tebow. Even if the Jets stick with Sanchez through any struggles, the calls for Tebow are going to be at a fever pitch. The sheer magnitude of Tebowmania will make it feel like Tebow is right over his shoulder, ready to take his job, even if the organisation is behind him 100%.

And that’s the doomsday scenario for the Jets: Sanchez plays so badly that they throw Tebow in there, and all of a sudden they’ve abandoned their plan, ruined their would-be franchise QB, and once again after an enormous question mark under centre.

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