A Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Blasts Tim Tebow

tim tebow on the ground

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Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas told an Atlanta radio station he’s not sad to see Peyton Manning replace Tim Tebow as quarterback (emphasis ours, via PFT).”I ain’t going to say I was sad because the only thing they remember is that pass. You gotta go back and look at the rest of the games. I wasn’t getting no balls and you had to make some of these plays where some players were open and he is not making the throws, but I don’t want to talk bad about Tim, but hey I am happy we got Peyton.

When Thomas speaks of “that pass” everyone remembers he’s referring to the miracle overtime touchdown connection he and Tebow had to take down the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs last season.

Thomas also said the locker room wasn’t exactly as enthralled in Tebowmania like the rest of the country, namely Bristol, Connecticut (again, emphasis ours).

There wasn’t much talk about him, but you know everything on ESPN was all about Tim. That bothered some players too because they would say ‘Tim Tebow Time.’ I felt like it was a team thing. If it wasn’t for the defence most of the time there wouldn’t be no supposed ‘Tim Tebow Time.’


Thomas added that despite most outsiders believing everything was rosy in Broncoland, Tebow was constantly told the truth about his abilities, or lack thereof, as an NFL quarterback.

“You would have people calling him out saying, ‘Tim you gotta make that throw. You gotta read the defenses better.’ Players on offence trying to get him better.”

It’s not surprising to hear a wide receiver share his displeasure with a quarterback who won’t, or in this case simply can’t, throw him the ball often.

The difference here is that Thomas couldn’t, or at least didn’t feel like he could, prior to Denver signing Peyton and then trading Tebow to the New York Jets.

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