If You Think People Are Going Nuts Over Tim Tebow Today, Just Wait Until Next Week

tom brady and tim tebow

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Chapter One of the Book of Tebow will reach its climax next Sunday when the Broncos play the Patriots in Denver.It’s America’s most polarising athlete vs. America’s most polarising team.

The guy who’s subverting our expectations of what a quarterback should be vs. a guy who embodies those expectations.

There are story lines galore, and if you care about sports at all, you’ll be watching at 4:15 on Sunday.

No matter which team wins, this game a pivotal juncture for where this whole Tebow thing will go.

If the Broncos lose (as expected), the Tebow experiment will continue to be filed under “gimmick.” People will still watch Tebow in awe, and love every minute of it. But there’s an sense out there that Tebow’s success is fleeting — that this crazy, super-fun ride will abruptly come to an end sometime soon. And that sense will only intensify if the Broncos fall to the Pats.

But if the Broncos somehow win, the Tebow experiment finds something that no one ever really thought it’d get: legitimacy. Yeah, the Patriots have their flaws, but they’re still among the NFL’s elite. If the Broncos can eek one out over Belichick and Brady, why couldn’t they stand up to Roethlisberger or Flacco and the mighty TJ Yates?

The game has huge playoff implications.

But it has even bigger Tebowmania implications, and that’ll be the big story a week from now.