HOLY COW! Everyone Is Freaking Out About The Comeback That Tim Tebow Just Pulled Off

tebow jesus

Photo: twitpic.com

Tim Tebow orchestrated a 15-point comeback win over the Miami Dolphins in overtime today.Twitter exploded, with everyone in a general state of awe at Tebow’s comeback skills.

Tebow wasn’t particularly good today. On his first 11 drives, he was 4-14 for 46 yards and zero touchdowns.

But he got it together late in the game, leading Denver on two long touchdown drives to send the game to overtime.

In OT, Denver got a fumble recovery in Miami territory, and kicked a field goal for a 18-15 win.

Look, any decent quarterback would have killed Miami. The Dolphins are probably the worst team in the league, and they seem to be hell-bent on losing as many games as possible so they can get Andrew Luck.

But leading a team to a double-digit comeback win is impressive, regardless of how embarassingly awful and second-rate the team you do it against is.

Just prepare yourself for a TON of Tebow talk this week.

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