A 70-Year-Old Man Will Push His Wheelchair-Bound Son Through Their 29th Boston Marathon Today

Boston Marathon

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Over the past 33 years, Dick Hoyt has pushed, pulled and carried his disabled son, Rick, through more than 1,000 road races and triathlons, including 28 Boston Marathons. But as time bears down on them, how much longer can they keep it up?I told him, that’s it, Dick, enough. You’ve done enough. Cripes, time to pack it in! That’s one of his buddies, Pat Forrest.

His body’s breaking down. The last couple of Boston Marathons, I didn’t think he would finish. He can’t go through every barrier. He’s walking the fine line between gutsy and foolish. That’s the director of the Boston Marathon, Dave McGillivray.

I don’t think either of them will make the choice in the end. An outside force will make it. That’s the Hoyts’ masseuse, Roseanne Longo.

Half the family thinks he’s crazy. Dick’s sister Arlene.

I don’t go to races anymore. I don’t want to be there the day it all ends. I don’t want to see him lying on that street. Another sister, Barbara.


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