Now Wealthy Parents Can Teach Their Nannies To Properly Cook Quinoa And Kale

It’s the bane of some wealthy parents — how do you get your children to have a more diverse and healthy diet when their nanny doesn’t “know the difference between quinoa and couscous”?

A recent story in The New York Times’ Style section answers that very question.

According to the piece, by Caroline Tell, they should turn to marc+mark, a nanny-consulting service that teaches the caretakers of affluent families how to cook for their children.

The company was founded by Marc Leandro and Mark Boquist, the former private chefs of J. Crew chairman Mickey Drexler and footwear tycoon Steve Madden, respectively.

Their goal is to teach nannies who serve wealthy parents in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco how to do everything from sautée kale to select the freshest produce. They even custom-design a “menu portfolio” of 20 to 30 recipes based specifically on the child’s eating habits, dietary restrictions, daily schedule, and what their parents want them to try.

The cost? $US2,500, plus the cost of food during instruction.

“In our experience, so many city kids already eat an interesting diet, and we want to make it better,” Leandro told The Times. “But if a kid is in a mac-and-cheese phase, we also want to help them out of it.”

Head over The New York Times to read the complete feature.

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