Tea Party Unfavorable Rating Rises

tea party

There really isn’t such a thing as “the” Tea Party.  There are a number of political organisations around the country that fall under the umbrella of what has come to be called “The Tea Party.” 

Some of these local Tea Parties are devoutly right-wing.  Some of them are more libertarian and focused on runaway federal spending and deficits.  Taken together, however, you can poll and see what people think of what might be called the confederation of Tea Parties.

Gallup finds that Americans view “the” Tea Party confederation more unfavorably than at any time since Gallup began polling on this “issue” back in March of 2010.  The latest data show that 33% of Americans have a favourable view of “the” Tea Party and 47% have an unfavorable view.

Conservatives and Republicans, you will not be surprised to learn, are most favourably inclined.  Independents are 30% favourable and 43% unfavorable.  That’s probably the only internal data point that really matters.