The Tea Party Bubble Is Bursting

mississippi tea party

Photo: chmeredith via Flikr

We return again to the question of the individual poll and what it means. CNN has a new poll out showing that Americans now perceive the Tea Party more negatively than they ever have before. 

Nate Silver looks at all the available polling data and puts this new CNN poll in some context.  He reports:

The trend looks reasonably clear: unfavorable views are on the rise. Although the CNN poll may have exaggerated them slightly, they now register at about 44 per cent, according to the trendline.

It’s not clear, on the other hand, that favourable views are decreasing; they’ve never been much higher than the low 30s, and that’s roughly where they remain today. Instead, this is almost certainly a case of Americans who had ambivalent views about the Tea Party before now coming to a more negative impression.

It’s also not obvious that this is anything especially new; unfavorable views have probably been increasing to some extent over the course of the past 15 months or so.

You can read the whole thing here.

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