The NFL’s most mystifying backup quarterback would love stick with the Saints for at least one more season

Taysom Hill has proven time and time again that he doesn’t need to be taking the snaps to make an impact on the game for the Saints. Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
  • New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Taysom Hill is set to become a restricted free agent this offseason.
  • While the end of his contract means that Hill could attempt to compete for the starting job with another team, the Saints backup told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he doesn’t mind the idea of playing behind Drew Brees for another season.
  • Hill is one of the more unique backups in the league, as he is a key player in the Saints special teams unit and several trick-play packages that make use of his specific talents.
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New Orleans Saints backup quarterback/utility man Taysom Hill will become a restricted free agent in the coming offseason.

While Hill has spent his three seasons in the NFL behind Drew Brees on the Saints depth chart, he’s been much busier than some of his fellow backups in the league, making big plays both on special teams and in gadget sets in the New Orleans offence.

Heading into free agency, Hill got some buzz as a potential future franchise quarterback for the Saints. While Teddy Bridgewater took over as the starting quarterback in 2019 after Brees went down with an injury, he’s expected to leave the team in the offseason.

According to Jay Glazer at Fox Sports, Saints head coach Sean Payton was prepared to hand the reins of the offence over to Hill had Brees decided to retire.

“They do have their quarterback of the future on the roster too,” Glazer said. “That quarterback will be Taysom Hill. Taysom, they believe is a franchise quarterback, and especially you’ve seen what Lamar Jackson has been able to do, so they think they have him here.”

With Brees announcing his return for the 2020 season, the point was somewhat moot, but Hill doesn’t seem to mind the idea of playing behind the future Hall of Fame quarterback again.Speaking with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” Hill said that with all he’s learned from Brees, another year of tutelage could only make him better.

“I’m so excited for Drew to come back. He’s become such a great friend, such a mentor to me,” Hill told Schefter. “When we had conversations, I told him that I hoped he came back and played. I felt like it was better for the NFL for him to be playing, and certainly a great thing for the Saints.”

“I think having had three years behind him, it really has been the best thing for my career, and if I wind up having another year to learn from him, it’s only going to make me that much better.”

Hill said that while Brees’ return might set his timeline for becoming a starter back a season, he still holds on to the goal that he’ll one day be the top guy for a team.

“As far as being a franchise quarterback, it’s an interesting thing,” Hill said. “I’ve played quarterback my entire life. All you can really hope for when you get to the NFL is that you get the opportunity to compete and be the guy for a franchise, and that’s never changed for me. I still have that same vision. I still have that same goal.”

Payton has kept Hill plenty busy as the Saints backup – last year, Hill rushed for 156 yards and a touchdown, secured 19 receptions for 234 yards and six touchdowns, and played on 62% of the team’s special teams snaps.

If Hill is next in line for the Saints starting job, Payton might be in the market for a new special teams sensation when free agency hits next year.

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