Taylor Swift's outfits all but prove her newest relationship is a hoax

By now, we are all starting to suspect that Taylor Swift’s and Tom Hiddleston’s relationship is a hoax. And the evidence is mounting up.

As Buzzfeed noticed, Hiddleswift seems to be reenacting parts of Taylor’s previous relationships in obvious ways. Many recent tabloid camera shots of Taylor and Tom together seem to be remarkably similar to pictures of Swift with her previous boyfriends.

But the real clincher is Taylor’s recent outfits. They all but prove that Taylor and Tom are partaking in some elaborate scheme — like shooting a music video, perhaps.

Check this out. On the left, Taylor and Tom Hiddleston are on a recent beach stroll. On the right, a photo of an outfit she wore when she was dating Harry Styles:

Notice anything? The dresses are exactly the same, and the sweatshirt and cardigan are also really similar. The shoes might also be the same, but it’s hard to tell.

And here’s Taylor when she was in a relationship with Conor Kennedy, in 2012 (left) and recently, with Hiddleston:

Why might Taylor be replicating scenes from her earlier relationships? No matter how much we want to believe in love, we are really starting to suspect that she’s toying with us. And that Hiddleswift is part of a larger project where she’s mining her past relationships for art.

The only question is: What’s in it for Tom?

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