Taylor Swift's Album 1989 Will Be Available On Rdio

Taylor Swift. Photo: Getty

Rdio boss Anthony Bay today told Business Insider Taylor Swift’s 1989 album will be available on the music streaming service in the next couple of months.

While he wouldn’t confirm an exact release date he said it should be available on the service soon.

“For 1989 – we don’t have a specific date – it’s usually available about 90 days after release,” he said.

“Historically it’s been within three or four months that it’s available.”

Swift pulled her music off Spotify late last year because she was unhappy with the financial remuneration the streaming service was providing.

Bay said that it was a decision he expects to be replicated by an increasing number of artists in 2015.

“The Spotify argument is if you give it away for free then more people will want to subscribe and pay. Taylor’s argument was ‘I don’t think so’,” Bay said.

“You will start to see more people questioning not free streaming but free on-demand.

“You’re going to find over the course of this year more artists saying I don’t want to give my music away for free.

“Spotify will have to deal with this issue. The way they’ve handled Taylor Swift was not very respectful.”

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