Taylor Swift Admits To Stalking Her Fans' Instagram And Tumblr Accounts

If you keep tabs on Taylor Swift’s social media presence, beware: Swift is watching you, too.

In an interview with BBC America, the pop icon admits that when she was determining which fans to invite to her secret “1989” listening session at her home, she spent a lot of time “looking at the internet.”

She picked 89 fans to come to her Rhode Island home last weekend and listen to her play new album “1989” in full. Fans took to Instagram post-show to showcase the selfies they got with the star and gush about how great the evening was (homemade cookies were all the rage!)

But how did she pick the fans?

“I would go online and I would look at their Instagram pages, or their Twitter or their Tumblr or whatever and I just kind of watched them for months and months,” Swift said to BBC.


Watch the entire interview here:

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