Taylor Swift Debuts Music Video '22' Starring Her Real-Life Friends

Taylor Swift 22 music video

Photo: YouTube

Taylor Swift debuted her latest music video for her song “22” on “Good Morning America” from Nebraska on Wednesday, where she kicks off her “Red” tour tonight.”The friends in the video are actually my real-life best friends,” Swift explained on “GMA” of the video shot in a Malibu parking lot.

One of those friends happens to be¬†former “Gossip Girl” actress¬†Jessica Szohr.

And with her lucky number being 13, it was no coincidence that the video is premiering March 13.

“Happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way,” Swift sings in the song. “It’s miserable and magical, oh yeah.”

Watch “22” below, but for the record, Swift is 23-years-old.

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