Taylor Swift is on pace to make $365 million this year -- more than Jay Z, Diddy, and Drake combined

Taylor Swift makes a LOT of money.

According to MSN, Swift, 25, has raked in $US1 million every day so far in 2015.

Her “1989” album crossed the 5 million mark in sales earlier this year, and she’s played over 85 shows in 2015 — most of which have been sold out. Swift also has massive endorsement deals with brands like Diet Coke.

All this adds up to her being the highest earning musician in the world — pulling in an astounding $US317.8 million since January.

Financial analysts believe Swift will stay on pace, finishing out the year with around $US365 million.

Just to put that in perspective, the top three earning hip-hop artists — Diddy, Jay Z, and Drake — made almost half of that ($US155.5 million) combined last year.

This past June, Forbes named Swift and her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, the world’s highest earning couple over the last year, edging out Jay Z and Beyonce by about $US30 million. However, those numbers didn’t take into account Swift’s massive 2015 — stats that would undoubtedly put Swift and Harris leaps and bounds out of reach.

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