Taylor Swift’s Apple ad skyrocketed Drake’s music sales 431 per cent

Taylor swift

The best thing to happen to Drake this month may have been an Apple advertisement that he wasn’t even in. 

Sales of Drake and Future’s song “Jumpman” shot up 431 per cent worldwide on iTunes after Apple started airing an ad featuring Taylor Swift working out to the track, Adweek reported on Tuesday.

It shows that a catchy track in an Apple ad can still push digital sales, even though the company is now focusing on its streaming music service. The ad was promoting one of Apple’s curated “gymflow” playlists, which has seen a 325 per cent increase in plays, Apple Music head of content Larry Jackson told Adweek. 

The Taylor Swift ad was produced by Apple without an ad agency. Apple has been building an “in-house advertising shop” for at least the past two years. According to Jackson, Swift is going to appear in future Apple Music ads going forward. 

During Steve Jobs’ tenure as Apple CEO, the company was notorious for making indie songs famous by putting them in the background of its iconic iPod ads. Musicians that Apple gave a leg up to include Will.I.am in 2004, who’s now working with Apple on its first TV show.

In fact, to celebrate Apple’s 40th anniversary, the company produced a playlist with 40 different songs that had soundracked Apple advertisements. If you’ve got Apple Music, you can listen to it here

Here’s the Taylor Swift ad:

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