Taylor Swift does the weirdest walk to avoid being seen by paparazzi

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We haven’t seen much of Taylor Swift since Kim Kardashian totally blew up her spot by revealing the apparent truth behind her feud with Kanye West. 

Turns out the “1989” singer has a special walk to help ensure that people don’t catch a peek of her. 

In a video that appears to have been obtained by x17online.com, Swift is seen doing a very strange sideways shuffle along the wall of the building with her back to the paparazzi. There’s something eerie, uncanny, and, frankly, hilarious about the way that’s she hustling. 

Naturally, people on Twitter noticed.

This crab-like locomotion isn’t the first time we’ve seen Swift walk a weird way to avoid being photographed. She was spotted last year walking backwards towards a gaggle of paparazzi so that they wouldn’t be able to get any worthwhile pictures of her face. 

Unfortunately, that plan backfired somewhat, as the video of her awkward walk ended up being much more popular than any normal pictures would have been. 

Let’s watch it one more time.

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