Taxpayers Paid Politicians A Total Of $58 Million For The 2013 Federal Election: Here's How The Money Was Distributed

Getty/ Lisa Maree Williams. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott visiting Sydney polls on Election Day.

Taxpayers paid political parties and candidates a total of $58 million for their efforts in the 2013 federal election, including a total of $44.7 million to the Labor and Liberal parties and $2.3 million to billionaire Clive Palmer.

The Australian Electoral Commission today announced the final tally of payments made to politicians based on the number of first preference votes they received on September 7.

Today’s tally includes an initial payment of $56 million, calculated in October, and a final payment of $1.7 million. The total pay-out was slightly higher than the $53 million distributed after the 2010 federal election.

Via the AEC, here’s how the money was distributed:

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