This app lets you schedule an Uber for any time you want

TaxiLater is an app built with one purpose: letting you schedule an Uber for a specific time.

All you have to do is download the app and input your Uber credentials and you’re ready to book an Uber for whatever time you want. The app features official Uber integration by tapping into Uber’s API, which was first opened up to third-party app developers in 2014, but recently seems to have become more of a priority for the company.

The terms of Uber’s API are strict, and some apps that have tried to add this sort of functionality in the past have run afoul of the rules (including a previous incarnation of TaxiLater called TimeTravel). TaxiLater was created by Joshua Meier, a student at Harvard, who tells Business Insider that he has been in contact with Uber’s team for months making sure he got it all right.

He says the top violations of Uber’s terms are apps “reselling” Uber’s service and “competing” with them. But he’s not worried.

“I’m not trying to build a company or monetise here,” he says. “I’m just a student who loves coding, saw a problem/opportunity, and thought I could build something that would help people.”

Here’s how TaxiLater works:

First you allow TaxiLater to access your Uber account.


And your location. Then you select your drop off and pick up location.


Then you select the time: this is the time that you want the Uber to arrive at your location (after you set it, the algorithms continually adjust the optimal time for requesting the ride, according to Meier).


All that's left is selecting which type of Uber you want. That's it.


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