RadioShack Hostage Suspect Says He Just Wants To Get Out Of Jail And See His Daughter

taveuan williams radio shackTaveuan Williams


In a jailhouse interview with Colorado’s 9News, a man suspected of keeping the manager of a RadioShack hostage inside the store said “one thing led up to another and life spiraled” during the incident.Taveuan Williams, 19, and his friend Michael Annan, 23, are being held in the Denver city detention centre after they reportedly held 28-year-old Christopher Nimerfroh hostage Friday in a Denver RadioShack.

Williams spoke with 9News on Saturday.

And while he refused to discuss the case directly, Williams said he was “in a bad situation.”

“I don’t know if I was desperate for money or what,” he said, adding that he knows he put Nimerfroh in a “bad situation.”

“And I’m sorry that he even had to experience that.”

Williams also spoke with FOX31 Denver, telling the TV station he “wasn’t trying to be big and bad.”

“I was scared, I had emotions going through my stomach that I had never felt before,” Williams said in the interview.

The suspects have been charged with kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, according to 9News. That last charge carries a maximum prison sentence of 48 years — something Williams fears.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to see daylight again and I’ll be able to see my little girl,” he told FOX31 Denver.

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