Tati Westbrook says she sold her Los Angeles house and condo to afford the Halo Beauty lawsuit against her

Tati westbrook breaking my silence
Tati Westbrook spoke about a Halo Beauty lawsuit in a new video on Thursday. Screenshot YouTube/Tati
  • Tati Westbrook returned to YouTube for the first time in nearly a year on Thursday.
  • In the new video, she spoke about her business partner Clark Swanson suing her and her husband.
  • Westbrook said that she sold her Los Angeles home and her condo to support the ongoing litigation.
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Halo Beauty CEO and YouTube personality Tati Westbrook returned to YouTube for the first time in nearly a year on Thursday with a video titled “A Year Later.”

Westbrook said that she had to sell her Los Angeles house and her condo in order to support ongoing litigation involving her Halo Beauty business partner Clark Swanson.

In October 2020, Swanson filed a lawsuit against Westbrook, her husband James, Halo Beauty, and Tati Cosmetics, as Insider previously reported. Westbrook, her husband, and Swanson are co-owners of Halo Beauty, Westbrook’s flagship company which markets nutritional vitamin supplements.

The complaint, filed on October 20, 2020, alleges that Westbrook and her husband committed fraud, negligence, and breach of fiduciary duty in their capacities as owners of Halo Beauty, which led to Swanson and the company suffering financially.

“Litigation is expensive, let me just be raw and open,” Westbrook said. “We sold our house in LA, I moved out of my condo. I have downsized my life in a major way to really be able to go all in and support what’s happening with me through this litigation.”

Westbrook said that that she had an “awakening” over the previous year that “material items are not the most important thing,” and that her “integrity” was more important.

In the original complaint, previously obtained by Insider, Swanson claimed that the Westbrooks asked him to “stand down” from expanding the company in 2018 and alleged that their “neglect” of Halo Beauty caused damage to the company.

The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County. According to court records, the next hearing for the civil case is scheduled for September 21 in Santa Monica, California.

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