Tasmania is opening another round of travel vouchers after registration for the first lot filled up in 40 minutes

State governments are encouraging local tourism. Image: Getty
  • Tasmania is opening a second round of travel vouchers to encourage residents to travel within the state.
  • It comes after registration filled up for its first round of vouchers in 40 minutes.
  • Under the second release, residents who already have a travel voucher won’t be eligible for a new one.
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Tasmania has opened another round of travel vouchers to encourage local tourism in the state.

Under the state’s $7.5 million ‘Make Yourself at Home’ scheme, residents could register for travel vouchers which allowed them to claim back what they spent on accommodation and travel experiences in the state.

When the initial round of travel vouchers were released earlier in September, registration filled up in just 40 minutes, the ABC reported. Some residents even expressed having difficulty when trying to get the vouchers.

At the time more than 21,500 vouchers were given – the equivalent of around 40,000 nights of accommodation and at least 40,000 experiences.

Amid the immense popularity of the program, registration was closed.

Image: Screenshot, ‘Make Yourself at Home’ campaign

Now Tasmania is opening up the second round of travel vouchers worth $5 million, which will be available on Wednesday 30 September at 7pm.

But this time, they come with a few extra rules.

There is no waitlist, so residents can’t pre-register for the vouchers. If you already received a voucher, you won’t be eligible for a new one.

There will even be a hotline people can ring if they can’t access the internet.

Tasmania is among the states and territories that have released travel incentives to boost local tourism.

The Northern Territory recently unveiled its largest summer campaign yet, worth $5 million. Under the scheme, residents can get a $200 rebate for every $1000 they spend on booking travel on accommodation, flights or tours with partners such as Helloworld, Flight Centre and Holidays of Australia.

South Australian residents over the age of 18 can get a ‘Great State voucher’ from Thursday 15 October, which they can use at participating accommodation locations. The incentive includes a $100 voucher for accommodation in the CBD and a $50 voucher for stays in regional and suburban areas.

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