Taronga Zoo elephants scored Australia's biggest pumpkin for breakfast

It’s not everyday that you get a record-breaking pumpkin for your breakfast, except when you’re an elephant at Taronga Zoo.

Taronga Zoo and the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) joined forces to recycle prize-winning pumpkins from this year’s Great Backyard Pumpkin Challenge, one of the most popular displays at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Grower Dale Oliver produced the largest pumpkin ever seen in Australasia, clocking in at a whopping 728kg.

Taronga’s Asian Elephant herd were quick to dig in on the record-breaking pumpkin.

“When we saw the giant pumpkin in the news, we thought it was a fun opportunity to bring a taste of the Easter Show to Taronga and offer a nutritious and challenging treat to the Zoo’s largest animals,” said Elephant Keeper, Steve Westnedge.

The surprise breakfast was a welcome treat.

Source: Taronga Zoo

At 728kg, it's the biggest pumpkin grown in Australasia.

Source: Taronga Zoo

There was a scramble for the best pieces...

Source: Taronga Zoo

The entire herd got in on the feast...

Source: Taronga Zoo

And more pumpkin...

Source: Taronga Zoo

Okay, enough pumpkin.

Source: Taronga Zoo

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