UPDATE: Three Arrested In Birmingham Riot Deaths, Police Commend Father

UPDATE: Three men have been arrested over the deaths in Birmingham, reports The Independent. The youngest arrested is 16, the paper reports.

Police have also commended the father of one of those killed, Tariq Jahan, for his role in stemming the violence. Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, Chris Sims, said (via Sky News):

“The intervention he felt able to make was one of the most powerful, generous and far-sighted that I think I have ever seen, at the moment of absolute grief and devastation,” Mr Sims said.

“Anyone who heard them must have been moved.

“Anyone who felt there was any mileage from continuing a cycle of violence in the name of those young men who died must have thought twice about it.

“I think it was decisive in terms of Birmingham not suffering tension and violence between communities.

“Those words were powerful, heartfelt and spontaneous.”

EARLIER: Here’s footage of Tariq Jahan talking about the death of his son Haroon in riots in Birmingham last night.

Incredibly sad. Later Tariq went on to say “I’m a Muslim, I believe in divine fate and destiny, and it was his destiny and his fate, and now he’s gone,” reports The Sun.