TargetSpot Web Ad Radio Network Grows


TargetSpot, the Web radio ad marketplace that launched this month, has added another 51 stations to its network, giving it more than 400 total. The company has folded in Beasley Broadcast Group (44 stations) and Rubber City Radio Group (7 stations), and has also announced a deal with music service Haystack Media. Release after jump.
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TargetSpot Adds Beasley Broadcast and Two Other Properties for In-Stream Advertising Services

Next generation streaming media advertising company adds national radio network Beasley Broadcast Group, regional player Rubber City Radio and innovative web 2.0 music service Haystack Media to growing list of broadcasters offering advertisers use of TargetSpot’s unique platform; TargetSpot’s technology, allowing businesses to create, buy and place advertising on streaming radio stations, is now open for advertiser business


New York – Adding three separate properties to a growing collection of national and local radio broadcasters and streaming music services, powerful ad serving technology and marketplace, TargetSpot, Inc. today announced partnerships with Beasley Broadcast Group, Rubber City Radio Group and Haystack Media.

The three new additions to TargetSpot’s roster represent a telling cross-section of the broadcast world:

  • One of the nation’s top broadcasters, Beasley Broadcast Group owns 44 stations in eleven radio markets across the United States, including stations in some of the largest markets in the country, such as Philadelphia and Miami.
  • A significant regional player in the Midwest, Rubber City Radio Group owns seven stations in Ohio and Michigan.
  • Haystack Media is a cutting edge web 2.0 music service that focuses on linking up listeners and artists, and uses an innovative compensation program to ensure that artists receive payment for the Broadcast of their work.

These three Broadcast groups are the latest to partner with TargetSpot, which went live this month, and will soon be available on over 400 stations nationwide. Two of the top five broadcasters in the nation, CBS Radio and Entercom Communications Corp, and one of the founding companies of internet radio, WarpRadio, have already partnered with TargetSpot.

TargetSpot’s patent pending technology allows businesses of all sizes to create, buy and place their own advertising messages within streaming media. Using TargetSpot’s system, advertisers can create cost-effective customised audio, video, banner and text ads with an array of jingles, sound effects and visuals provided by TargetSpot. Clients can also upload their current creative directly into their TargetSpot account.  Ads are then targeted to a specific demographic, location and/or station. Campaign costs vary with advertising revenue being shared among TargetSpot and the participating broadcaster. Advertisers can open a TargetSpot account with as little as $50.

“We’re optimistic about working with TargetSpot and exploring innovative new revenue opportunities for our stations”, said Kathleen McCarten Bricketto, VP Interactive, Beasley Broadcast Group.

“We are very pleased that broadcasters from the full range of market segments are recognising the benefits of TargetSpot’s streaming media advertising platform,” said TargetSpot CEO Doug Perlson. “We are finding that there is a great pent-up demand for our platform, one that provides an easy-to-use method for broadcasters to monetise their streaming media audience, while allowing advertisers easy access to this growing advertising market.”

“In a short time, we have established a great geographic and demographic diversity for advertisers. From publicly traded companies like Beasley, respected regional players like Rubber City, to web 2.0 music services like Haystack Media, these three new additions to our line-up are indicative of the breadth of the networks using our platform.

About TargetSpot

TargetSpot is a technology provider and advertising marketplace that allows advertisers to easily create, buy and place advertising messages within streaming audio and on the audio player itself.   It is the first end to end advertising marketplace specifically designed for streaming audio broadcasters. TargetSpot allows advertisers to target by specific demographics and therefore appeals to advertisers of all sizes who may not have traditionally purchased radio advertising.