TargetSpot, Pulse 360 Link Up


Web radio ad network TargetSpot and sponsored-links firm Pulse 360 have signed a deal to market each others’ services. TargetSpot CEO Doug Perlson was formerly COO of Seevast, Pulse 360’s parent company. Release after jump.

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Streaming Media Advertising Network and Content-Targeted Sponsored Links Network Expand Advertiser Opportunities

New York – October 9, 2007 – TargetSpot, Inc., the next generation streaming media advertising network and Pulse 360, the content-targeted sponsored links innovator, today announced a strategic partnership to market each other’s products to their respective advertiser bases.

The partnership brings together two cutting edge companies with a focus on technological innovations.  Pulse 360’s unique advertising and publishing solutions give clients the means to get the most reach and return from their ads and sites.  The company has thousands of advertisers and a network of many of the web’s best publishers, and recently launched the first of many Publisher’s Vertical Networks™ to allow publishers to create branded vertical ad networks.

TargetSpot, which opened their door to advertisers last month, has already signed partnership deals with a number of the top radio and internet broadcasters across the country.  The service will be available on over 400 stations nationwide.

TargetSpot’s patent pending technology allows businesses of all sizes to create, buy and place their own advertising messages within streaming media.  Using TargetSpot’s system, advertisers can create cost-effective customised audio, video, banner and text ads with an array of jingles, sound effects and visuals provided by TargetSpot.  Clients can also upload their current creative directly into their TargetSpot account.  Ads are then targeted to a specific demographic, location and/or station.  Campaign costs vary with advertising revenue being shared among TargetSpot and the participating broadcaster.  Advertisers can open a TargetSpot account with as little as $50.

“Streaming media represents a new and exciting field for companies looking to explore new advertising opportunities.  TargetSpot has already made a significant imprint in this burgeoning space, and we think our advertisers will be interested in this opportunity,” said Mark Josephson, President of Seevast, parent company of Pulse 360.

“Pulse 360 has always been a leader in providing advertiser and publisher solutions by using a range of content-based and geographic based targeted advertising,” said TargetSpot CEO Doug Perlson.  “We look forward to working with Pulse 360’s team in expanding advertising opportunities for our advertisers on their top tier content network.”