Furious mums unleash on Target and Walmart over ‘hooker style’ shorts for kids

Parents are saying that Target’s athletics shorts are inappropriate for young girls. Target
  • Target is being accused of selling “hooker type shorts” for teen girls in a parenting Facebook post that has since gone viral.
  • A mother of a teen girl took to social media to vent her frustration at not being able to find suitable clothing for her 10-year-old daughter at Target.
  • The post has been flooded with thousands of comments in support.
  • Others are also calling out other retailers for their lack of suitable options for girls.

A mother of a teen took to social media to vent her frustration against Target for selling inappropriate shorts for young girls.


“I don’t fancy myself a prude, but neither do I take the responsibility to teach my daughters about modesty and appropriate dress lightly. We live in a culture sexualized enough as it is; I wish I could go shopping for my tween and not have to worry about her backside or her underwear showing in a pair of athletic shorts,” parenting blogger “Assignment: Mum” wrote on her Facebook page.

It turns out she’s not alone. Since she posted on Facebook on July 8, over a thousand people – many of whom say they are also mothers with teen daughters – have come out in support of the blogger’s argument, Fox News was first to report.

“I used to work at Walmart and was frequently disappointed with how short the shorts were for little girls and teenage girls. A lot of clothes that came in I used to tell my fellow Associates ‘man these look like hooker clothes,'” one person claiming to be a former Walmart employee wrote on Facebook.

“I had the same problem when my daughter was a tween. She went a whole summer without shorts because I REFUSED to buy hooker type shorts. The problem is real and the retailers are not listening,” another commenter wrote.

A spokesperson got Target told Business Insider that it lengthened its short shorts over a year ago.

“The trend we are seeing – and that’s reflected in our assortment – is that short shorts are actually getting longer and there’s a growing demand for shorts that can accommodate sports, movement and play,” she said.

Walmart did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Fathers are also apparently joining the conversation to express their concern.

“As the father of a teenage daughter, I am concerned about this issue too. I trust my daughter and she usually makes very good choices on her clothes. But, we struggle on the shorts and the bathing suits,” one commenter wrote on the “Assignment: Mum” post.

He added: “We ask that she wear shorts that are not too short and if wearing leggings, that she wear a shirt that covers her rear. Basically, the same standards that the school district we live in requires. It is very, very, very tough to find these things in stores though.”

Some of the commenters said that they would now be shopping in the boys’ section of Target to find more suitable shorts for their daughters.