Target (TGT): 5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Buy

I have (painfully) been watching TGT closely for several months now, particularly after its gap down after comp sales in January.  TGT moved lower almost everyday it felt.  Even the five day beating it took to the swing low of 50 the fig on Feb. 23 did not mark the end of the sell off.  See chart below:

Target TGT Daily Chart

TGT has slowly been grinding lower and has been stuck near its lows for months now.  In fact, TGT recently made another new low on the daily chart earlier this month on May 3… just when you thought it couldn’t go any lower.  Any 1%+ rally in the stock was met by selling the next day. Even on the days that TGT managed to close green, the stock was unable to make a higher high.

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