Target US is being accused of trivializing mental illness by stocking an OCD ('Obsessive Christmas Disorder') holiday sweater

Target in America has been accused of trivializing mental illness by stocking a holiday sweater that reads: “OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder.”

We first spotted this story on Adweek, which points out that Target isn’t the only retailer selling goods with the slogan this season.

However, given the size of Target, it appears to be the company that has drawn the most ire by stocking the item.

(Target in Australia is unrelated to its US namesake.)

Twitter users have been complaining about the sweater and have asked Target to de-list the product.

Target has been responding on Twitter to some of the criticism, telling users it is sharing their comments with its merchandise team and adding that it is never the company’s intention to offend.

Business Insider has contacted Target for further comment and to ask whether the merchandise team has decided whether to continue stocking the item.

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