Target moves its Melbourne HQ, shedding 180 staff

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Wesfamers is moving the operations centre of its troubled Target business to Melbourne from Geelong.

The ABC said 180 jobs would go from 900 at the retailer’s headquarters but other reports indicate it may not be that high.

“We haven’t finalised numbers, we’re not talking about huge job losses,” CEO Richard Goyder told Fairfax Media.

Guy Russo, CEO of Wesfarmers Limited Department Stores Division, says he’s spoken to staff in Geelong about other roles and about voluntary redundancy.

“The Geelong site for the national office is no longer a viable option if we’re to remain competitive and build a profitable business,” he says.

A new site hasn’t yet been identified and a move is expected to take more than 12 months.

Target’s managing director Stuart Machin resigned when it was found that rebate deals had been done with suppliers to boost Target’s earnings by 40% to $74 million for the half year to December.

Wesfarmers is now working with suppliers to unwind the deals and action is being taken against the Target employees who were found to be directly involved.