Target is overhauling its kids' clothing business

Target wants to make its kids’ clothes cool.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports the company will be overhauling two of its labels, Circo and Cherokee, for a new label called Cat & Jack.

According to Target’s website, the new label will launch on July 17, and a line for toddlers will launch on August 7.

On the website, the company boasts how it was “co-created with real kids” — and Bloomberg notes that Target spoke to over 1,000 kids, both in focus groups and online, to figure out how to make this new line work.

“We’re not in the self-esteem business, but we are in the self-expression business,” Target’s head merchant for children’s apparel, Amanda Nusz, said to Bloomberg.

Target has already been trying to shake up the way products are sold to to children. In February, the company launched a gender-neutral children’s home decor line called Pillowfort. Bloomberg points out that Cat & Jack will sell apparel that’s gender-specific, but there will be a unisex off-shoot line available online called Tees for All.

The line is entering an massive market; Bloomberg notes that the children’s apparel market in the United States is $30 billion industry.

For the full Bloomberg article, click here.

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