8 Halloween decorations an interior designer would buy at Target right now

Some Halloween decorations are spooky and practical. Target
  • Target already has a wide selection of Halloween decor available to purchase in stores and online.
  • Insider spoke to a New York City-based interior designer to help pick out some of the best items the retailer has for October.
  • Some of her picks include light-up skulls, dark serving trays, and skull-adorned decanters.
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Target recently released its latest line of autumn decor and you’re possibly going to want it all.

To help you narrow down your options, Insider spoke to Marina Hanisch, an interior designer based in New York City, to find out her top picks from this year’s lineup.

Here are some of the best Halloween decorations an interior designer would buy from Target right now.

Disclaimer: At the time of publication, these products were in stock. Prices and availability are subject to change.

A skull-and-crossbones decanter can help you serve up hair-raising spirits.

You can use these to serve punch or juice. Target

Add an eerie touch to your in-home bar cart or shelves with this skull-adorned decanter that’s made of glass.

“You can use these decanters to serve up some delicious and spooky specialty cocktails or other fun drinks at your Halloween party,” Hanisch said.

Halloween Skull and Cross Bones Spirits Decanter, $US27.99

A few neutral-coloured pumpkins can easily help you decorate for all of autumn.

You can use colours aside from orange and black to decorate for Halloween. Target

If neon-orange lights and skeletons aren’t your ideal choices for Halloween decor, then these pint-sized white and brown pumpkins will satisfy your craving for a more neutral design.

The knitted pumpkins come in sizes large and small and the wicker pumpkin comes in one size but features white-coloured LED lights for an extra festive touch. Try piling them in a basket or placing them on bookshelves to decorate your space.

“Halloween has a rap for being bright and spooky, but these items are some of my favourites when decorating my home for the Halloween season,” Hanisch told Insider. “They are festive but neutral, allowing you to embrace the holiday spirit in a more refined understated way.”

Target also has a vintage-looking metal bike that might fit on your stoop.

You can decorate with this year-round. Target

Made of metal, the Harvest Tricycle is a transitional piece that will last throughout the fall season.

“This metal antique bike is such a charming add on to your patio,” Hanisch said.

The bronze-coloured bike measures 18.75-inches tall by 23.5-inches wide, so you can fill the back with a pot of seasonal orange and yellow flowers or a carved pumpkin for a Halloween vibe.

These aren’t the only uses, though. She also suggests adding “a few skulls to get in the Halloween spirit.”

Harvest Tricycle Porch Decor, $US30

A mix of faux skeletons and skulls makes for a wicked Halloween display.

They are just $US8 a pop. Target

Nothing says “Halloween” quite like a display of spine-chilling decorative skeletons and skulls. Hanisch agreed, adding, “It’s not Halloween unless skulls are involved.”

Fortunately, Target has plenty of options to choose from like a Halloween Fish Bone or Snake Skeleton. Since one skull is never enough, Hanisch said she recommends adding at least three different types of skeleton-themed decor to your space “for the maximum fear factor.”

Colour Changing Light Up Skull Decorative Halloween Prop, $US8

A broom fit for a witch can be used to decorate for all of fall.

It has a few wood elements. Target

This witchy broom, made from twine and wood, is sure to be a creepy yet stylish addition to your space for Halloween and a neutral accent year-round.

“This broom is great for hanging on the wall in a set of three, leaning over the fireplace or just hanging out in your entry,” the interior designer told Insider. “And, no rush to get rid of it post Halloween as it’s a great accessory all year round.”

Harvest Broom, $US20

You can also pick up a brown basket that’s large enough to hold Halloween candy.

The basket can be used as a dining-room centrepiece all year round. Target

This basket is another great transitional item from Target’s autumn collection that can be used all season long.

“This woven wood basket is the perfect centrepiece and shelf accessory,” Hanisch said. Plus, the woven basket could also be placed on an entryway table to hold a few delicious pieces of candy as long as you’ve got chocolate bars big enough to not fall through the slats.

Harvest Basket Brown, $US8

You can pick up a serving tray that may remind you of a spirit-summoning board.

This tray is perfect for serving snacks. Target

This black wooden tray with white numbers and letters looks a lot like the spirit-summoning boards you might have had as a kid. You can fill it up with treats like cookies and cupcakes or use the backdrop to make your own charcuterie platter.

“This [spirit-summoning] board-inspired tray is sure to stir up some old memories. It’s fun, nostalgic, and perfect for your holiday party,” said Hanisch.

Halloween Letters Wood Serving Tray, $US20

Several dark-red- and purple-coloured wooden crates can add depth to your home’s design.

This a fun option for anyone who wants pieces they can use year-round. Target

If you live in a small apartment, you can try decorating for Halloween with functional fall pieces like these wooden crates. Although there aren’t any creepy crawlies on these designs, the crates come in autumnal colours like cranberry and deep purple to create the perfect fall vibe.

“Adding wood crates to the exterior of the house can help you add height and dimensions to your décor,” Hanisch suggested. “Pile in some pumpkins, gourds, and plants to really get that harvest feel.”

Harvest Wood Crate Cranberry/Purple, $US15