Taraji P. Henson unleashes as Cookie in 'Empire' 'audition' tape on James Corden

James Corden put on high heels and his best wig to take on “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson in a parody audition for the Cookie character on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show.”

“I can’t imagine anybody else playing Cookie. Can you? She’s incredible,” the host said of Henson’s portrayal of the ex-convict trying to get her piece of the record company¬†she co-founded on the hit Fox drama.

“What you may not know,” Corden continued, “is she actually had to fight off some really tough competition to get that part.”

Then, we see Henson sitting in a waiting room for her Cookie audition when Corden walks in dressed to the nines — pearls and all. Corden then starts insulting Taraji under his breath and yelling the lines to get under her skin.

“Do you think you can do that a little quieter?” Henson asks.

To which Corden replies, “What’s the matter? A bit scared of a little competition?”

That’s just enough for Henson. She then shows us all why she is perfect as Cookie on “Empire.”

Watch the hilarious sketch below:

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