This Is What The New Tallest Hotel In New York City Will Look Like

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Saudi Arabia may be building the world’s tallest tower, but New York City is getting a new record-breaking skyscraper of its own.Marriott International and Granite Broadway Development today announced plans for a 68-story Courtyard and Residence Inn on 54th Street and Broadway, which, when built, will be the tallest hotel in New York City (the New York Times via the Observer).

At 753 feet, it surpasses the height of the reigning tallest hotel, the Four Seasons on 57th Street.

But with just 639 planned rooms, it doesn’t come close to the capacity of the city’s largest hotel, the New York Hilton on Sixth Avenue, which has 1,980 rooms.

From NYT:

Designed by Nobutaka Ashihara, the tower will have a main entrance and arrival lobby on West 54th Street; the lobby for the Residence Inn will be on the building’s third floor, and the Courtyard lobby will be on the fourth floor. 

Courtyard guest rooms will be on floors 6 through 32, while Residence Inn rooms will be on floors 36 through 64; each hotel will have its own elevator banks.

The project will include ground-floor retail space; a leased restaurant on the second floor; a lounge and terrace with outdoor seating and views of Broadway on the fifth floor; and a fitness centre, for use by guests of both hotels, on the 34th floor.

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