21 Of Hollywood's Tallest Celebrities

Brooke ShieldsBrooke Shields towers over her fashion-minded friend Simon Doonan.

Photo: Getty/ Roger Kisby

It’s difficult to tell how tall a movie or TV star actually is from just seeing them on the big screen.Earlier, we gave you a look at some of the shortest stars in Hollywood.

Now, here are the ones who rise above the others.

Model Brooke Shields is an even 6 feet tall and Khloe Kardashian stands higher than her sisters — see who else makes the list.

At 5'10,


Khloe Kardashian's 5'10

At 5'11

Quentin Tarantino narrowly inches out 6'0

Jane Lynch's 6 foot stature is no match for her much shorter friends at a birthday celebration.

Another member of the 6 foot tall club, Geena Davis is a giant compared to these members of Swedish royalty.

Mila Kunis looks tiny next to 6'4

So does Eva Longoria – she's 5'2




At 6'5,

Julia Roberts may look short next to 6'5

You've seen the giants of Hollywood...

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