Talking Points Memo Blogger Joshua Marshall: I Chose Not To Report Exit Poll Results

As part of its comprehensive coverage of election night, the NY Times, like many other publications, has sent its reporters out to the election parties. We’re having individual parties on our couches—our invitations to the real get-togethers must have gotten lost in the mail.

Anyways, Tim Arango’s at Talking Points Memo’s Joshua Micha Marshall’s apartment, where he reveals what we suspected all day: He had the exit poll results and chose not to report them. What?! Explain yourself, sir!

NY Times: “The one thing for the Democrats is they look like the first round of the Kerry polls,” said Mr. Marshall, referring to the exit poll numbers showing a lead for John Kerry in 2004. “I have all the exit polls, and I’ve intentionally not reported the numbers,” he said. “I don’t have a lot of confidence that they are right.”

He will continue his cautious approach throughout the night at his live-blogging extravaganza. (Really, we’re fine here.)

From his perch in the corner of a third-floor apartment in New York, Mr. Marshall is live blogging and overseeing a crew of about 14 others who are jammed in the apartment.

Unlike other news organisations, Mr. Marshall isn’t obsessed with calling the election in favour of one candidate or another. He will only declare a winner after two networks have called the election.


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