Architects Designed A Portable Tiny Home From Two Recycled Water Tanks

The tiny home phenomenon has been taken to another level.

The designers at New York City-based Stereotank have created a travelling shelter that’s small enough to wheel around on a bike.

Called Taku-Tanku, the home consists of two 3,000-liter water tanks connected by a ring of wood. And while it doesn’t contain a bathroom or plumbing, it is large enough to fit a bed and has enough storage space for two to three people.

Stereotank designersMarcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente,say on their website that the eco-friendly project “can travel through many landscapes to serve as companion and shelter but also as a sculpture that celebrates the vital role of water in our lives.”

Aside from a bicycle, it can attach to a car or potentially a boat. Ertorteguy and Valente also claim the solar-powered, LED-lit home can be easily assembled and built with off-the-shelf and re-purposed materials.

Right now Stereotank is in the process of finding a sponsor and raising funds to build its first prototype.

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