'Taken 3' Has A Huge Weekend At The Box Office

Taken liam neesonSam Urdank/FoxAudiences still love seeing Liam Neeson carrying out his ‘particular set of skills’ even if it’s in a film less than worthy of those skills.

Sometimes bad reviews don’t mean a thing for movies, which was certainly the case with “Taken 3” this weekend.

The third instalment of the series starring Liam Neeson outperformed analyst estimates grossing $US40.4 million opening weekend.

That number isn’t higher than the $US49 million opening weekend of 2012’s “Taken 2,” which shouldn’t be a big surprise for anyone who’s seen the film. “Taken 3” does not live up to its predecessors at all.

“Taken 3” had a lot of potential, but decided to ditch the main villains of the first two films (Albanian mobsters) for a random Russian mob instead. 

While the plot of the film pales in comparison to the first two, it was far from the main problem with the sequel. The editing of several big action sequences is so awfully cut together that it causes confusion as to what you’re actually watching on screen. The worst offender is a giant car crash scene on a highway. 

The real test will be whether the film can hold over in its second weekend at theatres. 

Here’s how the two previous “Taken” films have performed in theatres for comparison:

Movie Opening Weekend Worldwide Gross Estimated Budget
Taken” (2008) $US24.7 million $US226.8 million $US25 million
Taken 2” (2012) $US49.5 million $US376.1 million $US45 million
Taken 3” (2015) $US40.4 million $US49.9 million so far $US48 million

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