Take A Walk Around The Absolutely Gorgeous Lamborghini SUV

Lamborghini Urus SUVUrus in Beijing with Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann

Photo: Courtesy Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s second SUV, the Urus, officially debuted Sunday at the Beijing Auto Show.We were able to show you a leaked image on Friday, but now Lamborghini has unleashed tons of pictures of this beautiful concept.

But this is a concept in name alone.

Make no mistake, the Urus is heading for production. Right now, it looks like it could be on the market as soon as 2015 and it should have a starting price north of $200,000.

Like all Lambos, the Urus is named for a famous bull. In this case, Urus is the name of a breed that is an ancestor to modern cattle.

Those bulls stood about six-feet tall. The SUV is just more than five-feet tall, making it one of the lowest SUVs ever made.

Obviously, many parts of the interior are strictly for the concept. We doubt these awesome seats will make it to production.

The marbleized material on the dash might only be for the concept too, but it sure looks cool.

Lamborghini has not announced the powertrain yet. We are expecting the V10 from the Gallardo to be an option.

But by the time the car goes on sale, a V10 might not meet fuel economy and CO2 regulations. A turbo V8 from sister company Bentley might end up driving the wheels.

Like other Lamborghinis, the Urus is all-wheel drive. However, don't expect to ever see one off-road. The 24-inch wheels and low profile tires will surely make that near impossible. Every bent wheel will also be incredibly expensive.

While it is being introduced in China, Lamborghini is expecting nearly 50 per cent of sales to come from the United States.

Lamborghini is projecting sales of 3,000 Uruses annually. Lamborghini sold a total of 1,600 cars in 2011. This would represent a massive expansion.

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